Name Eng. Meaning Hindi Meaning Guj. Meaning
Ubhay mutual
Ubhayaabhaasi nischay or vyavahaar ko ek mane voh. fallacy of absolute and conventional point of view.
Ubhayaachaar Reading, writing, and speaking with full and proper understanding of the import of what is read, written and spoken Ubhayaachaar
Ubhayaatmak to be in both forms, banne nu banelu.
Uchcharangi joyous, umangi, utsaahi.
Uchchhavrutti begging of alms,
Uchhalavu go up, be thrown up; bounce; leap, jump; be used freely; rise, shoot up; show, lose, one's temper.
Uchit proper
Udaar liberal, generous, munificent; open minded; straight forward, frank; great; large, spacious; beautiful; noble.
Udaasin indifferent, passive, neutral, sadness, gloom.
Udaasin nimitt indifferent instrumental cause, passive instrumental cause. The MOM, MOR, Space and time are stationary and do not have raag within. They are known as passive instrumental causes.
Udambar a variety of the fig tree; threshold; eunuch., fruits of banyan tree, ficus reli giosa pipal,.
Uday operation, fruition, rise of karma, operation of karma
Uday bhaav altered inclinations occurring due to alien belonging. The altered inclination of the soul keeping relationship with fruition of karma.
Uday sthaan fruition of karma manifestation at the maturity is known as uday sthaan.
Udbhavan announcement, communication, elevation, act of raising up,
Uddand carrying the staff raised; uncontrolled, unruly; impudent, rude; dreadful, formidable.
Uddesh intention, object; mention, calling by name; example; consideration of a question or problem; inquiry; searching; [philos.] the enunciation of a thing by its name (which is to be further discussed and explained). Vivechaniy vastu no keval namollkekh ne uddesh kahe chhe, To give a name to the thing which needs explanation is called uddesh.
Uddeshika see udisht aahaar. The food specially made for the one who is going to consume it. food made for monks.
Uddeshya worth consideration, to be intended or aimed at; that to which one refers. n. [gr.] that about which something is asserted, subject; object, purpose.
Uddhaar act of raising, elevating, drawing out, extinction of debt, passage of extract from a book, to find a lost thing.
Uddhaarak uplifting, finding out, elevating.
Uddhata rude, impudent; unrestrained, disobedient; high, lofty; grand.
Uddisht directed; addressed; aimed; intended; mentioned, referred to; desired. n. desired object.
Uddisht aahaar the food specially made for monk.
Udhai termite,
Udrek abundance, profusion; superiority.
Udveg agitation, excitement; dread, fright; agony; anxiety; sorrow, disregard
Udyam effort; exertion, work; industry, occupation.
Udyami industrious, diligent
Udyot emitting cool luster, cool light, light; luster, fire fly,
Udyot naam karma that which causes the body of a being to emit cool brilliance or luster, is the name karma of cold light, it is found in moon, the glow worm etc
Udyotkaar light, luster., one emitting light and luster.
Udyotmaan Pratyaksha gnaan gochar, udyotmaan, repeatedly known directly,
Ughadavu open; become open, known; bloom, blow; become clear, evident; become clear, cloudless or free from rain; be fulfilled; open anew, start.
Ugra severe,
ugra tapo vruddhi capscity to endure unimaginable hardships unflinchingly. Uhaa
Uhya argumentation, ellipsis,
Ujjaval bright, shining, luster,
Ukt said, mentioned.
Ukt avagrah expressed apprehension
Ulkaapaat falling of a meteor; great calamity.
Ullaas cheer, joy, transport of joy; light; pomp; chapter (of a book); a figure of speech in which the qualities of one thing are shown by comparing or contrasting them with those of another.
Ullasit transported with joy, highly delighted.
Umbar fig tree, ficus glomerata; threshold.
Unap insufficiency; deficiency; imperfection, shortcoming.
Unmaad delirium; insanity, madness; intense passion; intoxication; lunacy, mania; mischief.
Unmaadi fanatic
Unmaarg taking a wrong way,deviation from right way, wrong way
Unmagn get to be known, comes to be known, knowledge,
Unmatt intoxicated; drunk; crazy, mad; arrogant, haughty; impudent.
Unmesh to manifest., sfuran.
Unmukhtaa state of watching or expectancy, raising the face, sanmukhtaa. ત"પરતા; આતુરતા; 2તેíરી
Unnat tall; straight, upright, erect; elevated; prosperous.
Unnati prosperity, rise; greatness. high position
Unniyamaan Anumaan gochar the thing known by inference., unniyamaan.
Upaadaan motive, cause for existence of a substance, affluence, appropriating to one’s own self, immediate cause, acceptance; adoption; cause, material cause; material from which sth. is done, produced or made, affluent cause.
Upaadaan kaaran affluent cause, proximate cause, principle cause, natural cause, power of the self, material cause, utpaadak kaaran, kaarak kaaran.
Upaadaan upaadeya sambandh cause and action relationship occurs in one sub stance only.
Upaadeya acceptable, wholesome, admirable, modification of the object, The action occurring in a substance to be seen from affluent cause upaadaan kaaran per spective is known as upaadeya. Upaadaan upaadeya occur in one substance only, to be taken or received, not to be refused, to be allowed, admissible, acceptable, to be chosen or selected, excellent,
Upaadhdhyaay saintly preceptor of saints, scriptural teacher, one who is the knower of 11 principle scritpures ang and 14 most ancient writings purva is known as upaadhyaay.
Upaadhdyaay preceptor, preceptor of an order of saints,great religious teacher
Upaadhi fallacy, antinomy, condition., alien belonging, attachment, possessions,para phernalia,trouble, difficulty; worldly troubles; anxiety; sign, name; special character istic or property; degree; title; surname, nickname.
Upaasanaa devotion; worship; service; prayer; contemplation of the deity; practice of archery.
Upaashraya jain monastery; asylum, shelter.
Upaatt acquired material substances e.g. soul has acquired mind, senses etc. For the soul, the senses and mind are acquired by the soul.
Upaay remedy; device, contrivance; means, way; medical treatment; use, application; beginning, kaaran.
Upaay karvo apply remedy,
Upaay upey kaaran kaarya doer deed, cause and deed. upaay moksh marg and upey is moksha. (kalash 247 samaysaar), saadhak saadhya bhaav, kaaran kaarya bhaav.
Upaay upey bhaav goal with means.
Upabhog use, enjoyment; experience; enjoyment of (esp. worldly) pleasures.
Upabhogya fit to be enjoyed, enjoyable
Upabhoktaa who enjoys or uses; master; heir, one who endures
Upabrunhana With the help of inclinations of supreme forbearance etc, one increases his spirituality is known as upabruhana, one who does not deviate from his right faith, right knowledge and right conduct attributes is called to have upabruhana attribute, development of one’s spiritual capacity.
Upachaar conventional usage, Figurative expression, metaphorical expression, metaphor, figurative, symbolic
Upachaar vinay formal respect, reverential homage, e.g. to give respect to aachaarya etc. to stand up when he comes, to bow down to him etc.
Upachar kathan formal statement, e.g to say that karma do alter the nature of the soul.
Upacharit figurative, unreal interpretation of matters.
Upacharit asadbhut vyavahaar naya a type of figurative conception/perception, the partial point of view believing in unity with entirely two different forms e.g. this is my house.
Upacharit vyavahaar Upachaya addition,
Upadesh instruction, discourses, spiritual instruction.
Upadesh ruchi right belief produced by sermon,
Upadhaa last but one. “topad" shabd" टोपद ट है जसकि उपधा में ऐसे शब्द पुल्लिंग में होते हैं। घट पट (ट +अ = ट उपधा में होगया )
Upadhaan Yukt cushioned.
Upadhaanaachaar Proprietary of behavior, one of the pillars of right knowledge.
Upadhi see upkaran, possessions,
Upadravan pain or trouble,
Upaghaat self annihilation, false accusation,
Upaghaat Naam Karma that on the rise of which there is self annihilation by hanging, falling, from cliff etc is the name of the karma of self destruction.
Upagrah nimitt kaaran, instrumental cause, help, benevolence, assistance, encour agement,
Upaguhan right faith person who hides other’s fault and does not illuminate his own achievements is said to have upaguhan attribute.
Upaguhya having hidden, hiding, concealing,
Upakaran monastic outfit, helping, assisting; apparatus in a laboratory; instrument, implement, tool,
Upakaranaarjan acquisition of ways and means.
Upakram It brings the other things near is known as upakram. The work getting done with the help of another substance is known as upakram. With force to bring it up e.g. premature karma fruition sakaam nirjaraa. Beginning commencement, approach, enterprise, trick, treatment by a physician, means.
Upalabdhi perception,
Upalabdhi hetu cause of valid cognition, established hypothesis,
Upalabdhi samaa parity per apprehension,
Upalak superficial; surplus; noted in the journal but not entered in any particular account.
Upalambh obtainment, perceiving, ascertaining, recognition,
Upamaan analogy, for example cow and roz are similar animals, one gives analogy of cow to know the roz (gavay). Naiyaay, Mimaanshaa and Advaita philosophy admit comparison as independent means of valid knowledge. It is beautiful way to know the unknown by knowing the known.
Upamiti comparative knowledge,
Upanagar suburb
Upanaya to show similarity between two objects by illustration.
Upanaya application
Upanaya sopanaya anectdote used as example.
Upanayaabhaas subsupport fallacy,
Upanyaas putting together or side by side; deposit; suggestion; proposal; introduction, preface; novel; statement.
Upapaad instantaneous rise, as the birth of celestial or infernal beings, transmigration, upped is the seat to which the soul goes and in which it is born. It is the particular name of the seat of the birth of celestial and infernal beings.
Upapaat instantaneous birth, birth of celestial and infernal beings.
Upapanna uchit, proper
Uparaag soul’s altered state, malintaa, vikaar, altered state, dirtiness, altered state occurring in the soul as a result of alien belonging, aupaadhik bhaav,
Uparakt malin, dirty, altered state,
Uparam to stop, retirement, end, abhaav.
Upasanhaar collection; abstract, summary; conclusion.
Upasarga gr.] prefix; trouble; calamity, illness; evil omen; sign or symptom of death, state of affliction.
Upastha genital organs
Upasti to serve, worship.
Upchaar analogy, figurative, usage, formality, transference of epithet, conventional usage, unreal interpretation of matter, conventional usage, treatment for cure (e.g. nursing, administration of medicine); application of sandal wood ointment to the body; service, attendance; usual or customary obeisance, homage; any religious performance or ceremony, worship; formal behavior, formality; articles, etc. used in worship; false statement made to please sb.; figurative expression or its explanation, figurative or metaphorical expressions, metaphor, usage, custom, manner of speech, fallacious inference. With particular purpose, to establish one substance as other due to the close association of both substances. e.g. having close relations and therefore one calls physical body as living being. Also one accuses a substance acting as instrumental cause to be the principle cause e.g. bottle of oil. Here bottle is of glass but having oil being present in it as instrumental cause and one calls it the oil bottle. Similarly, one accuses one substance as other; one attribute as other, one mode with other; the substance, attribute mode of one to other’s substance, attribute or mode; to accuse cause with effect; Therefore from absolute perspective one looks at this sentences and they are wrong. But if one looks from purpose or consideration purpose then these sentences are somewhat true from certain perspectives. (Jainendra Siddhant Kosh part 1 page 418)
Upcharit figurative, metaphorical, literal
Upcharit Figurative usage, Figurative expression or its explanation, metaphorical, symbolic,unreal interpretation of matter. Upchaar, symbolic, figurative, metaphorical: To show cause and effect between two different substances, their attributes or their modes.(with permutation combination i.e. 3x3=9 different ways) For example: 1:house belongs to me. 2: I know raag etc. state. In above examples, house and raag even though they are separate from soul substance, but still considered together inseparably.
Upcharit asadbhut vyavahaar naya metaphorical impure synthetic practical point of view, a type of figurative conception/perception, sarvatha bhinn padartho ko abhed rup se mane eg. this is my house etc., this corresponds to the separable accident of scholastic logic, for example this is my house. House is identified with the self according to upchartit asadbhut vyavahar naya.
Upcharit sadbhut vyavahaar naya a figurative stand point (reg. different virtues like sensory knowledge etc., upadhi sahit gun guni ka bhed ke vishay ko karne vala naya) eg. jiv ke matigyan etc guna, the option that the soul has the chetana modification of matignan etc is true because of the upcharit sadbhut vyavahara naya. That the soul has matignana is relative and figurative though pertaining to a quality which is in the way real.
Updesa instruction,advice, counsel; teaching; precept, admonition; adjoining country.
Updhaan austerity.
Updisht specified, particularized, taught, instructed, mentioned, prescribed, commanded.
Upexaa indifference, inattention, neglect, disregard, contempt, carelessness, rejection, leaving, quitting
Upexaa indifference, ignoring, two types one with equanimity and second with inclination of aversion. madhyasthataa ane dwesh sahit.
Upexaa bhaavanaa see madhyastha bhaavanaa.
Upey deed, result, fruition.
Upghaat self annihilation blaming true knowledge, false accusation.
Upguhan developing spiritual qualities.
Upkaar assistance, function, benevolence, contributory part, act of favor, obligation; help, assistance
Upkaari forgiver.
Uplabdhi acquisition, gain; knowledge; perception, apprehension, vidyamaantaa, living, existent; present.
Uplabhdi hetu cause of valid cognition, established hypothesis. Uplabdhi hetu is of two types: 1:aviruddh uplabdhi Vidhi arthaat sadbhaav rup vastu ko saadhne waalaa hai 2: Viruddh uplabdhi Pratishedh arthaat abhaav ko saadhne waalaa hai.
Upmard disintegration, ending,
Upnaya to show similarity between two objects by illustration, subsumptive correlation, The application, one of the members of the five membered syllogism. It shows the reason (hetu), which is known to be concomitant with the major term (saadhya), is present in the subject ( paksha). e.g. the hill has smoke, which is invariably concomitant with fire. According to Shrutbhavan dipak naya chakra book page 59: upnaya means the one which takes us nearer to soul and organ of knowledge etc pramaanaadi In this way, the conventional partial point of view vyavahaar naya is upnaya.
Upnayaabhaas subsequent fallacy, wrong statement,
Upodghat introduction, preface, foreword, Prastavanaa, uthaanikaa,
Upraag malinta, vikar, altered state, dirtiness, soul’s altered state due to alien belonging,
Uprakta vikari, malin, kalushit, altered state, dirty.
Upsampadaa submission.
Upsanhaar collection; abstract, summary; conclusion.
Upsanhaar act of withdrawing, taking away, drawing toward one’s self.,bringing near, summarizing, summing up, conclusion, end, death, destruction.
Upsanyat controlled behavior.
Upsarga preposition(as in grammer), misfortune, trouble, natural phenomenon, disease superimposed on another, calamity, state of affliction, prefix, calamities
Upshaamak calming, pacifying.
Upshaant unrevealed state of attachment and aversion, રાગ દ્વેષ ની અપ્રગટ દશા.
Upshaant dravya subsided matter, subsidence fluent.
Upshaant karan immaturity of karma, the process of subsidence. કર્મનું / ઉદયાવલી માં આવવાની અસમર્થતા,
Upshaant karma karma existing but not able to give fruition as they are in dormancy.
Upshaant Kashaay whose passions are subsided, subsided passions.
Upshaant Moha subsided delusion,
Upsham subsidence, partial suppression, suppression of karma, quitter toxic emotions, suppression of karma fruition, to draw back, suppress, to become calm or quiet, to tranquilize, appease, tranquility of mind, patience, calmness, calm, tranquil.
Upsham Bhaav feeling produced by subsidence of karma. Repentance feeling.
Upsham Chaaritra conduct due to subsidence of karma.
Upsham Kaal period of subsidence, period of upsham.
Upsham karan subsidence operation. the process of subsidence. And after Antar-Karana, (see antar karan), he performs Upashama Karana (subsiding operation). The Nishekas of Mithyatva Karma which are situated just above the Nishekas which have been suspended through the Antar-Karana operation, he makes them incapable of coming into rise. By this kind of process the Nishekas which were falling due for rise just after the last moment of Anivritti-Karana were suspended; at the time of rise of such Nishekas what Nishekas will come to rise in the absence of those suspended Nishekas? Therefore, in the absence of the rise of Mithyatva, first subsidential type of right belief (Prathamopashama Samyaktva) is attained. The eternal misbeliever does not have the existence of Samyaktva Mohaniya and Mishra Mohaniya Prakritis; therefore, by causing the subsidence of only one Mithyatva-Karma, he becomes Upashama Samyagdrishti (one possessing subsidential type of true belief). And if some Jiva, after attaining right belief, again gets defiled then his condition also becomes similar to that of an eternal misbeliever. (Moksha Marg Prakashak 7th chapter-samyak sanmukh mithyadrasti)
Upsham karma subsiding operation regarding karma.
Upsham Kashaay subsided passion, subsided toxic emotions.
Upsham samyakdarshan origination of right faith due to suppression of karma.
Upsham samyakdrashti one who acquires right faith due to suppression of karma.
Upsham samyaktva right belief due to subsidence of karma, subsidential right belief, subsidential serenity.
Upsham satva kaal subsidence state period.
Upsham Shreni subsidential ladder, subsidence progression, subsidence progression in 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Spiritual stage.
Upshamaavali subsidential time smallest time. જે આવલી માં કર્મનો ઉપશમ થાય તે.
Upshamak suppressor, subsider, The suppressor of conduct deluding karma.
Upshamak Anivrutikaran subsider rising up at the 9th spiritual development.
Upshamak Apurvakaran subsider rising up at the 8th spiritual development.
Upyog active consciousness, perception and knowledge, conscious attentiveness, psychic attention, cognitive activity, consciousness., chaitanya saathe sambadh raaknaar jiv naa parinaam ne upyog kahe chhe. living being’s mode keeping relationship with the consciousness nature of the soul is known as upyog, attentive consciousness. Upyog attentive consciousness, Anuvarti means anusharan karne waalaa. Soul’s modification of consciousness attribute is known as upyog. Here Atmaa is substance, Chaitnaya is attribute which includes darshan and gnaan, and parinaam means mode. So the knowledge mode of soul substance having its attribute as consciousness is known as attentive consciousness. Upyog is dharma nature of an element, and soul is dharmi possessor of nature of an element. It is like lamp and its light. Sou is the consciousness lamp and upyog is its light. As there is no darkness in light similarly, there is no darkness of ignorance, raag and dwesh in the light of upyog. (niyamsar gatha 10, kaaran shuddh paryaay book page 43) The activity of the soul to accept the meaning of a thing is known as upyog. Arth grahan ke prati jo vyaapaar hotaa hai uskaa naan upyog hai. आत्मा का चैतन्य अनुवर्ती परणिाम वह उपयोग है।
Upyukta proper, becoming; fitting, appropriate; useful.
Urdhvataa mainly, principally,
Urdhvataa saamaanya the substance remaining as it is in the previous and next mode,
Ushnataa heat; warmth.
Utkarsh being drawn up; rise; prosperity; increase; development; abundance, plenty
Utkat intense; strong; acute; producing immediate effect; intoxicated, mad; uneven; difficult
Utkirna excavated, replete, carved, engraved.
Utkrust exquisite, magnificent, very good, excellent.
Utpaad origination of mode, appearance, manifestation, origin.
Utpaadak kaaran upaadaan kaaran, kaarak kaaran (according to nyaay shaastra), principle cause.
Utpaadya to be produced.
Utpaatti origination.
Utsarga abandoning, sacrifice, excretion, any general rule or precept, without any specific limitation,
Utsarga marg it signifies supremely pure equanimous self effacement
Utsarga samiti To dispose of things that are of no use at a place free from living bodies and after proper inspection Utsarga Samiti
Utsarpini ascending cycle of time
Utsav upar uthavaano avsar, occasion to get uplifted,day of festivity; holiday; festival.
Utsukta eagerness
Uttam superior,
Uttam kshamaa supreme forbearance.
Uttamaarth salvation,
Uttar next, subsequent.
Uttar kshana subsequent moment.
Uttarottar more and more; day after day, gradually.
Utthaan distraction, getting up; rising; awakening, rising; enthusiasm; renewed effort; support, help.
Utthaanikaa beginning; introduction, preface