Name Eng. Meaning Hindi Meaning Guj. Meaning
Gaalavu purify (well etc.) by removing dirt or sediment from it; dissolve, melt, or purify by heating; brew wine thus; refine; make thin or lean or feeble; reduce; pass, waste, (time), straining
Gaanth knot, tie; knot or knob in wood; joint in tree where it branches; bulb, tuber; blind tumor or bump; bubo; (of plague); animosity, malice; unity, concord; marriage tie.
Gaathaarth verbal meaning of stanza
Gachchha multitude, collection; crowd; flock; mass.
Gadh fort, hill fort.
Gamak showing clearly, suggestive, indicative; significant, suchak, knower, persuader, explainer, one who explains, mode, bodhak समझाने वाला. साधन, bodhak, बोधक
Gambhir deep; thick; dense; grave, serious; thoughtful, considerate; inspiring awe and respect; patient.,deep; grave, serious; inspiring wonder and respect; considerate, thoughtful; influential; patient; forbearing.
Gamya accessible, approachable; understandable; curable. fit for cohabitation, to be known. jaani shakaay te., object to be known, able to be understood, thing to be achieved बोध्य, समझ में आने योग्य, साध्य
Gamya gamak bhaav one who receives discourses is bodhya, one who delivers the discourses is bodhak. relationship between the one who delivers the discourses and one who receives it, saadhan saadhy relationship.
Gandh smell, scent; dirty smell; fragrance; fragrant substance (sandalwood); red mark on the forehead; vanity; dislike; slight contact; proximity, vicinity; touch; trace.
Gandh kuti center stage where omniscient lord sits in samosaran.
Gandhar direct disciple of the tirthankar
Gangaa swarup holy as the Ganga (attribute prefixed to the name of widow to show respect).
Ganganavu hum, murmur; snuffle, speak with a nasal twang; complain. v. t. say in a complaining mood.
Garbha janma birth from uterus.
Garbhaj jiv soul taking uterine birth.
Garbhit hidden, partial.
Garhaa confession of one’s fault in front of guru.
Garhit censured, despised; contemptible, hateful, reprehensible.
Garimaa importance,greatness; dignity; one of the eight siddhis, powers (or accomplishments), attained by yoga, viz. power of becoming heavy or great at will.
Garv pride; arrogance.
Gati movement, destiny, body form, condition of existence, realms of existence.
Gati aagati coming and going 4 realms of existence one keeps on coming and going in v/s siddh gati is only gati going but not to return
Gati hetutva instrumental cause in the motion of a substance
Gauna secondary
Gaurav weight; greatness; respect.
Gausargik Purvaahn, first part of the day, time between 48 minutes after sunrise to 48 minutes prior to noon. This is also known as gausargik., gosarg, (please also see kaalaachaar for further details)
Gaushaalaa cow shelter.
Ghaatak lethal, likely to bring about death; destructive. modulus.
Ghaati karma destructive karma.
Ghadi measure of 24 minutes.
Ghamanad pride, arrogance; pomp, false show.
Ghan vaat valay circle of dense air
Ghana solid; thick crowded; much, plentiful; cubic, of three dimensions. cube; hexagon with all its sides equal; one of the systems of reciting the Vedas. cloud. hard, firm, viscid, thick,
Ghanodadhi vaat Circle of thick humid atmosphere,
Ghatanaa composition, make; incident, occurrence; workmanship; constitution.
Gho iguana; quarrel
Ghrunaa contempt, aversion; compassion, pity, kindness, tenderness, horror, despondency, disgust. घृणा
Ghrunaalu compassionate घृणालु
Ghruni ray, flame, day, sun. घृणि
Ghrunin compassionate, censorious, abusive. घृणनि्
Ghrunit what is despised, dirty. घृणति
Ghrunitva compassionateness, contemptuousness, घृणति्व
Ghrunitvrutti contemptuous nature, condemnable nature. घृणतिवृत्ति
Ghrut butter. घी
Ghuntavu levigate; grind to powder; hold one's breath; settle one's handwriting by practice (by passing one's pen over the letters in a copy book).
Glaani fatigue of body; depression of mind; sadness; languor; disgust, dislike Gn one who knew in past, knowing now and keep knowing in future, soul,
Gnaan knowledge, cognition, understanding, vedak, jaanavu
Gnaan aaraadhnaa contemplation of right knowledge.
Gnaan aavaran obscuring karma of knowledge.
Gnaan baal unknown to reality.
Gnaan bhaaskar sun of knowledge
Gnaan bhaav knowledge inclinations, inclinations directed to the innate nature of soul.
Gnaan chakshu omniscience, inner eye, intellectual vision
Gnaan chetnaa cognitive consciousness, experiencing the self, swarup vedan,( ref: panchaastikaay gatha 16), mode of the knowledge attribute is known as gnaan chetnaa, object is getting perceived in a specific pattern and that is gnaan chetnaa. (jain siddhant prashnotarmala q. 152.), attentive consciousness.
Gnaan daan act of giving or imparting knowledge
Gnaan darpan mirror of knowledge
Gnaan darshan supreme knowledge.
Gnaan datta given by knowledge.
Gnaan deep lamp of knowledge,
Gnaan dhaam temple of knowledge, light of knowledge ज्ञान मंदिर, ज्ञान प्रकाश
Gnaan Dhaaraa stream of knowledge
Gnaan dirgh far knowing, far seeing.
Gnaan durbala deficient in knowledge.
Gnaan gamya attainable by understanding.
Gnaan garbh filled with knowledge.
Gnaan ghana solid cognition, solid supreme knowledge, ghan means three dimensional thing, vignaan ghan means one axis to be infinite time, second axis is innumerable space points of the soul and third dimension is the infinite attributes in a substance. Therefore vignaan ghan means solid state of the soul structure full of knowledge, in which nothing out side thing can penetrate, pure knowledge, mere knowledge,
Gnaan guha concealing the understanding.
Gnaan kaand philosophy about the individual soul’s nature.
Gnaan ketu having marks of intelligence.
Gnaan kriyaa an activity of gaining knowledge.
Gnaan krut acted with intellect, acted with proper knowledge બુદ્ધિપૂર્વક કરેલ; જાણી જોઈને કરેલ
Gnaan lakshana intuitive knowledge of anything actually not perceivable by senses.
Gnaan mada pride or puff of knowledge.
Gnaan marganaa a type of knowledgeable investigation abut beings.
Gnaan maya consisting of knowledge, full of knowledge, embodiment of knowledge
Gnaan maya bhaava indivisible inclination towards the true nature of the soul, abhed valan towards the pure nature of soul.
Gnaan mudh devoid of right conduct.
Gnaan mudra having impression of wisdom.
Gnaan murti knowledge personified.
Gnaan naya view point of acquiring religious knowledge, there are different classification for naya e.g dravyarthic naya and paryayarthic naya and third classification is sabda naya, arth naya and gnan naya. In Sabda naya the object is known by its name e.g. sugar is the word so sugar is the object of sabda naya. Arth naya means knowledge’s object is the substance in actuality. For example sugar is the sabda word and its expressible substance is the subject of arth naya. gnan naya means the real total knowledge is praman gnan organ of knowledge. And when that organ of knowledge is expressed in unidirectional way ek desh grahi then it is known as gnan naya. e.g. sugar is the substance and the knowledge acquired through the experiencing the knowledge is known as gnan naya.
Gnaan nischaya certainty, ascertainment
Gnaan nishtha engaged in cultivating true knowledge.
Gnaan paryaaya instinctive true knowledge
Gnaan pati lord of knowledge
Gnaan prabh brilliance with knowledge.
Gnaan prakaash knowledge illumination
Gnaan praman co extensive with knowledge.
Gnaan pravaad lecture on knowledge, one of the purva in jain scriptures.
Gnaan pravartan knowing a substance.
Gnaan Ratna deep illuminating jewel of knowledge
Gnaan ratnaavali necklace of knowledge.
Gnaan rup having the form of knowledge,
Gnaan saagar ocean of knowledge
Gnaan saamaanyaa eternal general essence of knowledge.
Gnaan samay system of knowledge, right time of gaining knowledge, To have appropriate knowledge about reality in the mode is gnaan samay, paryaay maa je gnaan yathaarth thavu te gnaan samay
Gnaan sanskaar paying reverence to scriptures.
Gnaan shakti intellectual faculty
Gnaan shalya dishonoring of right knowledge.
Gnaan shreshtha pre eminent in wisdom,
Gnaan swabhaav inherent nature of the knowledge.
Gnaan swabhaavi engrossed with knowledge.
Gnaan swaroop embodiment of knowledge, of the form of knowledge
Gnaan tattva true knowledge.
Gnaan udyotan enlightenment of real knowledge.
Gnaan upkaran sources of real knowledge.
Gnaan upyog cognitive consciousness.
Gnaan vat knowing, endowed with knowledge, science, intelligence, wise, having spiritual knowledge
Gnaan vibhuti filled with superhuman knowledge.
Gnaan vignaan sacred and miscellaneous knowledge,
Gnaan vinay reverence to knowledge. acquired knowledge, practicing knowledge, recollecting knowledge with great veneration and with object of attaining salvation constitute reverence to knowledge, internal penance, paying reverence to right knowledge
Gnaanaachaar right practice of right knowledge
Gnaanaadvait absolute idealism.
Gnaanaakaar power of soul, super consciousness, power of soul, shape of knowledge mode.
Gnaanaamrut nectar of knowledge.
Gnaanaanand joy of knowledge.
Gnaanaaraadhanaa contemplation or right knowledge
Gnaanaatishaya ten excellencies of omniscience lord Arihant
Gnaanaatmak consisting of knowledge, composed of knowledge, cognition,
Gnaanaatmak arth cognitive meaning,
Gnaanaatmak bahuvidhataa cognitive multiplexity,
Gnaanaatmak kalpanaa cognitive imagination,
Gnaanaatmak kriyaapad cognitive verb.
Gnaanaatmak prashna cognitive question,
Gnaanaatmak vaakya cognitive sentence
Gnaanaatmak visamvaaditaa cognitive dissonance,
Gnaanaatmak vrutti, cognitive disposition,
Gnaanaatman intellectual soul.
Gnaanavaran obscuring karma of knowledge
Gnaanendriya sense organs (according to sankhya darshan)
Gnaani enlightened person, person possessing right knowledge, a leaned person.
Gnaanopayog cognitive consciousness
Gnaapak suggestive, causing to know, teaching, designing, informative, suggesting, instrumental cause, teacher, In third vibhakti “se dwaaraa” could be in instrumental cause. If third vibhakti is used in utpaadak kaaran then it is principle cause upaadaan kaaran.
Gnaapak kaaran revealing cause, instrumental cause, nimitt,
Gnaapan making known, suggestive, to remember, yaad karnaa, to teach, sikhlaanaa, informing, teaching, announcing, indicating.
Gnaapaniya to be made known,
Gnaapit made known, informed, announced, declared, instructed in.
Gnaapya to be made known,
Gnaapya gnaapak bhaav the real causation and logical suggestions.
Gnaat known.
Gnaataa knower, ascertained, comprehended, perceived, understood,
Gnaataa drastaa pure knower and observer state.
Gnaataa sarvashva all knowing,
Gnaataa siddhant completely versed in any science.
Gnaatavya to be known or understood, perceptible, to be considered as,
Gnaayak knower of right knowledge, a learned person, knower., the possessor of the infinite powers like gnaan gneya etc, is known as gyaayak, eternal, permanence nature, eternal knower state,
Gnaayak bhaav the all knowing principle, all knowing virtue, all knowing attribute,
Gnaayak swaroop eternal nature of knowledge.
Gnaayakpanu all knowing characteristics, nature of all knowing.
Gnapti knowing; intellect, exercise of intellectual faculty, intelligence, understanding,
Gnapti kriyaa activity of knowing.
Gnapti parivartan change in aquatinted knowledge, to change the knowable objects in knowing process.
Gney krut ashudhdhataa impurity in the knowledge mode due to object getting recognized.
Gney lubdhataa When one’s knowledge is greedy, covetous, enamored, infatuated with the object of knowledge is known as gney lubdhtaa.
Gneya recognizable object, knowable object, perceptible, object. According to samaysar kalash 271 gney means the eternal unchanging conscious soul substance coming in to illumination in the knowledge mode and the mode, attribute and substance are in unison is known as gneya. see also pratibhaas which is the illumination of all six universal substances illuminating in the knowledge mode., vaidya, prameya, gneya shakti, janaavaa yogya, maaraamaa hu janaai jau te gneya, Maraamaa aakhi vastu janaai jay ane vikalpa nathi te gneya, fit to be known, worth knowing, knowable. n. that which is to be known.
Gneya knowable, object of knowledge, recognizable object, perceptible
Gneya gnaayak sambandh relation between the object (matter) and the knower
Gneya gnayak sankar dosh fault of hybridization of knower and knowable object
Gneya krut object that is getting recognized, result of knowing an object, fruits of knowing an object.
Gneya pramaan co extensive with the object of knowledge.
Gneya praman co extensive with the object of knowledge. When one’s knowledge mode is having greediness ardent desire for object of knowledge then it is gney lubdhataa.
Gneya tatva knowable substance, knowledgeable element
Gneyaakaar characteristic knowledge of matter, characteristic knowledge of object, shape of the object occurring in the soul’s mode, exact shape of the object illuminating in the knowledge mode.
Gneyaakaar parinaman involvement into the knowledge of soul.
Gneyaarth cognitive import
Gneyaarth recognizable matters,
Gobar cow dung; cow dung reduced to powder; dirt.
Gochar perceptible by the senses; pasture., one which goes off and on (गोचर)., Baar Baar Jaane vaalaa. गोचर
Gochari alms.
Gokhavu rot memorization
Gopavavu hide, conceal,
Goras cow milk’s products like yogurt, butter, ghee etc.
Gosarg kaal a period of specific noon time, time between 48 min after sunset to 48 min prior to noon.
Graahak all knower who knows jannaro, gnaayak, who receives, takes or comprehends. m. customer; one who receives etc., acceptance, knower, holder
Graahi (at the end of a compd.) who takes, appreciates etc.; binding; accepts,
Graas morsel.
Graayha fit to be received, taken, or accepted; admissible, janaavaa yogya, fit to be known
Graham swarup gyaan swarup.
Grahan to know, action of knowing, acceptance, acquisition, receiving, eclipse,taking, seizing, seizure; comprehension; [astron.] eclipse, to know.
Grahit graahi to accept the thing which was accepted before. Dhaaraavaahik gnaan. Same knowledge keeps on coming again and again.
Grahit vikalpa adopted reflections.
Graiviyak heavenly adobe of certain kind of angels., heavenly place beyond all 16 heavens. see vaimaanik dev for further details.
Granth treatise, verse, composition, book, literary production.
Gruhit accepted, seized, caught, received, obtained, gained, mentioned, perceived, understood,
Gruhit graahi dhaaraavaahi gnaan acquired form of same knowledge keeps on coming again and again.
Gruhit mithyaatva acquired wrong belief.
Gruhit mithyatva acquired wrong belief from the instruction of others.
Gumaan pride, arrogance.
Gun attributes of a substace, virtue.
Gun graahi appreciative.
Gun guni soul as substance and its attributes. guni is dravya, gun is attributes. Virtue and virtuous.
Gun pane Characteristics of attributes.
Gun pratyay avadhi gnaan clairvoyance knowledge owing to the meritorious qualification. to right faith human and subhumans.
Gun rup possessed of qualities or attributes; having form etc.; virtuous.
Gun shreni nirjaraa Dissociation of karma from soul in geometrical progression
Gun vrata supporting vows
Gunaatmak possessed of qualities or attributes; having form etc.; virtuous.
Gunatva anvaya ka vishesh, nature of the attributes..
Gunbhed different attributes.
Guni substance with attributes, virtuous, meritorious. m. virtuous, accomplished, person; person skilled in fine arts; magician.
Guni jan appreciative, clever, person; gentleman; virtuous person; bard, minstrel.
Gupti restraints, self control, protection; secrecy
Guru spiritual teachers, teacher, saint
Gyaan pad faculty of knowledge.