Name Eng. Meaning Hindi Meaning Guj. Meaning
Chaandalo money present given or taken on auspicious occasions; auspicious red mark on forehead; expense one is forced to incur as a sort of punishment; grain of pulse that has remained undissolved in cooking.
Chaandani moonlight; canopy
Chaap bow; arc of circle
Chaaran Ruddhi Dhaari ability of a supernatural power moving in the sky and also walking.. charan, chaaritra, samyak, sanyam paap kriyaa nirodh all these five are included in Chaaran. Is also called kriyaa ruddhi. two parts: chaaran (to walk) and aakaash gaman (to fly). nine parts: 8 are for chaaran and one for aakaash gaman.
Chaaritra dharma conduct attribute
Chaaritra kshayik conduct formed due to destruction of delusion.
Chaaritra labdhi attainment of right conduct.
Chaaritra moha conduct deluding state.
Chaaritra moha conduct related inclination of attachment, conduct related delusion.
Chaaritra moha kshapak the destroyer of conduct deluding karma.
Chaaritra moha upshamak one who subsides the delusion related to conduct.
Chaaritra mohniya karma right conduct deluding karma, conduct deluding karma, conduct infatuating karma.
Chaaritra suddhi purification of conduct with different vows
Chaaritra vinay reverence to conduct,
Chaaritraachaar observation of right conduct.
Chaaritrin ascetic.
Chaarvak speaking agreeably, ß philosophy
Chaitanya conscious soul, rationality, perception.
Chaitanya chamatkaar eternal soul substance having capacity to know whole universe with its six substances with their past present and future modes. A given soul having infinite attributes present within.
Chaitanya dhatu conscious element.
Chaitanya naa vishesho keval gnaan, omniscient knowledge.
Chaitanya saamaanya all knower eternal existence of soul without any changes
Chaitanya swabhaav inherent nature of conscious soul
Chakravarti monarch of area of Bharat or Airavat, universal monarch.Bharat, sagar, madhavaa, Sanatkumaar, shanti, Kunthu, Ar, subhoum, Padma, Harishen, Jaysen, Brahmdatt,
Chakshu darshan vision conation, ocular perception
Chamatkaar wonder, wonderful incident or appearance; miracle.
Chamvar flywhisk
Chanchalata unsteady, hesitating, impatient, transient, clever, active, smart, moving to and fro, movable, shaking quivering, flickering, fickleness,
Chand a little; a few. the moon; small piece stuck to forehead as auspicious mark.
Chandr grahan lunar eclipse.
Chano grain of gram.
Char movable objects, one which goes off and on चर, बार बार जाने वाला
Charaachar movable and non movable objects.
Charam last. skin; hide; leather. last, final.
Charamaavart last cycle of change.
Charanaanuyog expositions related to ethics.
Charyaa parishah walking with bare feet for monks,
Chatuska quartet.
Chatustay quartet. See also swa chatustay.
Chaurayaa Nandi feel happy stealing.
Chel clothes
Chen na padavu discomfort; uneasiness; restlessness;
Chetan animate, psychical, living; sentient; having life or consciousness. n. consciousness; vital; life; intelligence; vitality.
Chetan dravya thinking substance, animate
Chetan tatva consciousness, sentience
Chetanaa vilaash atma vyavahaar, soul is eternal by absolute point of view and its nature of right faith, right knowledge and right conduct is its conventional form and that is chetanaa vilaash.
Chetnaa consciousness, vigor, life, vitality; understanding.
Chetnaa swarup nature of consciousness.
Chetyita only knower and perceiver.
Chha kaarak Shata kaarak-six kinds of causes. They are: So six fold causations are: 1.doer-performer, subject-kartaa. 2.deed-performance, object-Karm 3.means,-Karan. 4.purpose-receiver of performance,-Sampradaan. 5.source-donor-Apaadaan. 6.supporting stage.-Adhikaran.
Chhaan dung of cow or buffalo; mettle, courage, spirit.
Chhaanu dung cake (made for use as fuel)
Chhaap impress, imprint; stamp or seal; clear impress of printing impression created on the mind, opinion formed; pressure; influence; (of kite) sudden falling down.
Chhadmastha a non omniscient being, a common man
Chhakaay six types of living beings.
Chhal kapat fraud; treachery.
Chhand metre, verse
Chhatra canopy, parasol.
Chhed cut, slit; hole, bore; denominator of fraction; destruction, removal of equanimity state.
Chhedavu cut, split; divide; intersect; make hole, bore; destroy, exterminate; divide as denominator.
Chhini scraper; iron wedge used in splitting wood; iron chisel for cutting metal;kind of cane growing in water.
Chhip shell; half of oyster shell.
Chhod plant, sapling; shrub.
Chhodaa ( of coconut) husk,
Chid vivart knowledge mode’s transformation to know different objects of knowledge. ચૈતન્ય નો પલટો, ચૈતન્ય નું એક વિષયને છોડી અન્ય વિષય ને જાણવારૂપે પલટાવ તે, ચતિ શક્તનિું અન્ય અન્ય જ્ઞેયો ને જાણવા રૂપે પરણિમવ તે
Chidaanand super sensuous bliss
Chidavavu anger, make angry; tease; irritate. ચીડવવું
Chidghan chitswarup, consciousness of soul, Chidrup, sentient, solid state of knowledge.
Chidroop sentient
Chikaash stickiness; miserliness; fattiness; fat.
Chinmaya full of knowledge, or pure intelligence, Brahma, the Supreme Being.
Chintaa, thought, inductive logic for example whenever there is smoke there is going to be fire, a kind of sensory knowledge, tark, uhaa, uhaapoh, are other names of chintaa, absence of the future knowledge creates worry.
Chintaa nirodh concentration, meditation
Chintamani thought gem
Chintan thinking, pondering; meditation, contemplation, thought, anxiety, reflecting up on. The subject matter is of various kind. The thought process keeps going on freely. Reflective thoughts keep on occurring. New subjects keep on adding all the time. ચિંતન માં વિષયો ની કોઈ સીમા હોતી નથી. વચિાર ધારા મુક્ત ભાવ થી વહે છે. વિકલ્પો થયા કરે છે. નવા નવા વિષયો ના વચિારોથી ચતિ્ત ઉભરાયા કરે છે. ચિંતન = અનેક વિષય, અનેક વિકલ્પ અનુપ્રેક્ષા = એક વિષય અનેક વિકલ્પ ભાવના=એક વિષય એક જ પ્રકારના વિકલ્પ નું પુ્નરાવર્તન જ્ઞાન = એક વિષય એક વિકલ્પ પુ્નરાવર્તન નો અભાવ સ્થૂળવચિાર નો અભાવ, સૂક્ષ્મ વચિાર ની ઉપસ્થતિિ વિકલ્પો થી છુટા રહેવાનો અભ્યાસ ઉપયોગ ની ધ્યેય તરફ સન્મુખતા
Chintavan introspect.
Chipadaa mucus in the eyes, dried rheum, mucus or gum of eye.
Chit consciousness, intelligence, consciousness of soul
Chit vrutti state of mind, trend of thought, inclination,desire, inclination, disposition, or inward working of mind
Chit vrutti state of mind, trend of thought, inclination,desire, inclination, disposition, or inward working of mind,
Chitaa funeral pyre or pile
Chitt inner organ, mind; attention, soul’s consciousness
Chitt inner organ, mind; attention.
Chitt Chamtkaar wonder of conscious element.
Chitt nirodh concentration, meditation.
Chitt prasannataa parinaam State of delightfulness of mind, soul’s state of milder form of passion, auspicious inclinations.
Chitt prasanta serenity
Chitt saamaanya eternal nature of the soul with consciousness, eternal nature of the soul with knowledge and perception, natural state of the soul with consciousness.
Chitt suddhi purification of mind
Chitt swabhav natural state of pure knowledge and perception.
Chitt swarup the Supreme Spirit, Brahma, natural state of consciousness.
Chitt vikaar agitation of mind
Chokadi aggregate or group of four; gang of four wicked men; period of four ages in Hindu mythology. [cards] diamonds.
Chovishi twenty four tirthankars’ time cycle, ten raise to fourteen sagaropam time.,dash krodakrodi sagaropam time
chulhaa hearth.
Chulikaa special presentation, appendix. peak, summit, a part of scriptural knowledge, 5th division of Drastivaad, revision of what is been said as well as addition of something else which is significant
Chuno lime.
Churni detail analysis of scriptures. It is in pros form gadhya form, ચૂર્ણિ = પ્રાકૃતભાષા માં ટીકા
Chyavan fall; fall from virtue.
Chyavavu fall.
Chyut expired, violated, fallen, dethroned, deprived.Conventional point of view, when one has accepted grahan and when one has negation nishedh for it? From conventional point of view when one knows the absolute point of view then he has correctly accepted conventional point of view. When one knows that conventional point is as it is and is not the absolute point, then one has negation for conventional point of view. (ref: Nay rahashya book by Abhaykumarji page 62)